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IBSA is the Main Sponsor of the 41st National Congress of the Italian Society of Endocrinology

IBSA is the Main Sponsor of the 41st National Congress of the Italian Society of Endocrinology IBSA is proud to announce its presence as main sponsor at the 41st SIE National Congress, the Italian Society of Endocrinology. From the 14th to the 17th of July 2021, the Ergife Palace in Rome will be the set of this important event, finally in physical presence after the long absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Congress will deal with various issues related to Endocrinology, from Diseases of Metabolism, to Andrology and the Science of Human Reproduction. In the endocrinology field, particular emphasis will be placed on thyroid pathologies thanks to the intervention of various specialists who, with their research and clinical experiences, will be able to offer insights, scientific updates and create a constructive debate related to the topic.

IBSA offered its non-conditioning contribution to the symposium, entitled "Individualized therapy of hypothyroidism: an often underestimated challenge", which will be held on July the 15th. Two specific reports will be presented in the symposium: "The kaleidoscope of thyroxine formulations”, edited by Dr. Tumino, in which the different thyroxine formulations used in the treatment of thyroid pathologies will be analyzed. Subsequently, Dr. Luongo will emphasize " Combined therapy T4/T3: myth or reality? ”, giving rise to a debate between supporters and skeptics around this theory.

IBSA also supports the symposium of the "EnGioI" Club (Young Endocrinology in Italy) organized by young talents, who carry out important supporting work in the thyroid field. Furthermore, in order to promote research and excellence in the endocrinological sciences, IBSA offers a contribution to support the 2021 SIE Awards, awarded to the best works of researchers under 40.

With these initiatives within the SIE Congress, IBSA confirms its commitment and willingness to promote a scientific update to medical specialists in the sector, so that the tools and knowledge needed for choosing the best diagnostic and therapeutic paths can be made available.