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IBSA Derma lands in Brazil

After the success in the UK, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and other 75 countries around the globe, the time has come to also set foot in Brazil. IBSA Derma in fact, enters the second world market of aesthetic medicine thanks to a partnership signed with the local distributor Pol Lux Brasil. A fundamental step in the process of international expansion that confirms, from a strategic point of view, the triumph of the new idea, promoted by the dermo-aesthetic division of IBSA Farmaceutici, of "authentic beauty that comes from within and radiates through the skin."

IBSA_IBSA Farmaceutici_IBSA Derma_Brasile_NAHYCO

A beauty that knows no boundaries and that unites women all over the world and across the universe. It respects each person's essence, celebrates diversity and preserves everyone’s uniqueness. This new approach is very much consistent with the culture of a country like Brazil, which holds the world record for the highest number of beauty salons and, perhaps not surprisingly, of Miss Universe title holders.

The first victory had already been gained on July 24, when IBSA Derma, during the exclusive kick-off event, introduced to the Brazilian market an innovative solution that ideally addresses the needs of today's patients.  The NAHYCO® patented technology does, in fact, represent a worldwide benchmark for bio-remodelling in the treatment of face and body skin laxity, one that highlights positive features and mitigates negative ones.

Leo Magnani, International Sales Manager of the dermo-aesthetics division declared, “I trust that this important commitment for our company will be successful, thanks to the enthusiasm produced by the kick-off event alongside the awareness of being able to contribute, as key players, to the evolution of the Brazilian market where IBSA's innovation will be a landmark for doctors and patients."

IBSA_IBSA Farmaceutici_IBSA Derma_Brasile_NAHYCO

The event was attended by a group of over 200 doctors, selected amongst the sector's most highly regarded professionals: plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aesthetic doctors. The faculty illustrating the uniqueness of the NAHYCO® technology also included a number of local and international IBSA Derma Ambassadors as Hema Sundaram (USA), Dalvi Humzah (UK), Daniel Coimbra (Brazil) and Gisele Petrone (Brazil).

As underlined by Tania Pirazzini, Head of the dermo-aesthetic Business Unit, "Brazil is a multicultural country that has, for decades, defined standards of beauty which have been followed throughout the world. Today the global trend, including that in Brazil, is moving towards the search for more authentic beauty, one that, thanks to innovative and biocompatible products, may be achieved through a less invasive approach.

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