Crippa: IBSA presented through our People

“IBSA has three pillars – People, innovation and Sustainability – and “People” is the most important. I’m proud of them and therefore I’ve invited the Directors of our most important departments to talk about the work they carry out, with the women and men of their teams, with ingenuity and passion, for the well-being of patients and the community.”

These are the words of Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA, who has launched the “IBSA through people” project, an initiative involving heads of department that will offer an insight, through ‘virtual company visits’, into IBSA’s development.

And that’s not all. “IBSA through people” is part of a comprehensive innovation strategy that was launched by the CEO in an interview on Il Sole 24 Ore and embraces the whole company, leading IBSA to constantly pursue innovations that enhance people’s well-being by investing in new technologies.

The voices, images and stories that form the project will demonstrate how ingenuity, creativity, passion, courage and dedication enable us, every day and all together, to achieve ambitious goals in the increasingly competitive pharmaceutical sector.