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BabyHeART live: getting closer to couples

What are the concerns after discovering one’s infertility? How can couples prepare for the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) process? If this process may seem clear and fairly easy from a medical perspective, it is certainly much more complex for the couple to deal with from an emotional point of view: from the discovery of infertility to the decision to turn to a specialised medical centre to begin the treatment process.

How to prepare for ART is the topic that will be discussed on 8 June during the first of two Facebook live broadcasts organised by IBSA as part of the BabyHeART project in collaboration with the SIFES (Italian Fertility and Sterility Society) Reproductive Psychology Group.

During the event, Dr Federica Faustini and Dr Marina Forte, psychotherapists specialised in cognitive-behavioural therapy, will address all ART matters by analysing the emotional implications experienced by the couple facing a ART process: they will provide the tools to be used in case of difficulties in order to reduce the anxieties and stress of the treatment and improve personal and couple well-being.

On 15 June, heterologous fertilisation will be discussed.

BabyHeART in diretta live: per essere sempre più vicini alle coppie

What does it mean to have a diagnosis of infertility, the cure of which requires fertilisation treatment with gametes donation? What are the fears? Is it advisable to tell your child how he/she was conceived?

Dr Valentina Berruti and Dr Margherita Riccio, psychotherapists with a systemic relational and family approach, will speak live to analyse the doubts and fears that most frequently arise in couples who decide to pursue the heterologous fertilisation techniques.

This is an important decision that requires strength and balance both now and in the future and therefore needs emotional support and sound advice.

Both Facebook live broadcasts will be available on the Facebook pages of BabyHeART and of Iside Project and in both events, at the end of the presentations, the psychologists will answer questions from the participants.

“We understand that couples who choose to rely on ART need support, including emotional support, to help them maintain and find individual and couple’s balance and cope with this delicate journey - says Sharon Gulisano Senior Product Manager - Reproductive Medicine - I would like to thank Sifes for collaborating with us in the organisation of these two important events, and I would also like to thank the psychologists for their responsiveness and enthusiasm in accepting our proposal

This new initiative confirms IBSA’s constant commitment in the field of Fertility by offering a valid and complete support to couples who place their trust in ART.