Banco Farmaceutico presents to AIFA its IX Report on Health Poverty

The pandemic made everyone a little poorer in health and care, worsening the situation of the most physically, socially and economically fragile. In fact, the two-year period 2020-2021 saw the expansion of the vicious circle between economic poverty and health poverty, to the analysis of which is dedicated the IX Report of the Osservatorio Povertà Sanitaria (OPSan, “Health Poverty Observatory”), drawn up with the unconditional contribution of IBSA Farmaceutici and presented at AIFA on December 16: Donare per curare – povertà sanitaria e donazioni farmaci (“Donate to cure – Health Poverty and Drug Donations”).

Indeed, 5,602,000 people live in absolute poverty, one million more than last year. As a result, their scarce availability of economic resources has direct consequences on the ability to bear part of the pharmaceutical and health expenses not guaranteed by our National Health System (NHS), despite its universalistic approach that makes it one of the best systems at European level.

These two data alone, elaborated in a one of a kind report, are enough to understand the extent of the economic and social emergency affecting these Italian families, as well as the relative repercussions on health expenditure: compared to 2019 – the year when an encouraging downward trend of poverty was recorded – the outcome of the last two years is far from positive.
The Report represents not so much and not only a sociological and statistical analysis of poverty, but a tool to allow everyone to do more, to move ideas and consciences.

The institutional solution to this problem is not simple, but it becomes essential to at least strengthen the public and private support to the thousands of third sector organizations that every day offer social and health aid to thousands of people with poor health and low income. A responsibility that IBSA Farmaceutici – as a company operating in the world of health, while putting the Person at the centre – feels as its own. In fact, IBSA has been supporting the Banco Farmaceutico’s activities for some years, and will continue to do so, to show its attention and concrete support and to promote the culture of giving.