15 new hires in IBSA Farmaceutici’s production divisions. The company intensifies investments in Italy, renewing its commitment to the country’s healthcare system

IBSA Farmaceutici has kicked off a significant investment plan in Italy entailing the expansion of production capacity at Italian sites and is concurrently hiring 15 new workers for its production divisions.  
Bucking the trend of the pandemic and in response to the resulting crisis, IBSA Farmaceutici has renewed its commitment in Italy with a substantial and growing contribution in terms of scientific, technological and structural innovation and infrastructure, exports and employment to the benefit of patients first and foremost and the country’s healthcare system in general. 
One of the most important aspects of this commitment relates to People, “the population” at the foundation of the Company’s work and thanks to whom it advances. A couple of years ago, IBSA Farmaceutici initiated an HR reorganisation and reinforcement process in line with its growth and development trends. The company is increasingly moving towards industrial-scale production and has, in one decade, expanded its workforce to nearly 600 workers. To this end, IBSA Farmaceutici is now opening 15 new positions in its production divisions, thus solidly pursuing its industrial development plan and contributing to the recovery processes direly needed by the country. 
The investment plan has also translated into the implementation of a new production line in Lodi, the purchase of new, cutting-edge machinery and the expansion of the Lodi site, all in line with the Company’s growth and development and the desire to contribute to the well-being of the pharmaceutical sector in Italy.