IBSA renews its commitment to sport: putting our values into practice

With the arrival of autumn comes an appointment that no sportsperson could ever miss: championship season. Football, basketball, rugby: it doesn’t matter what the sport is, what matters is being there: on the pitch playing or in the stands cheering on your favourite team, experiencing the thrills and feeling part of that world of colours, emotions and hopes that we call a game. Unfortunately, this year not all of us will be able to be in the stands. Sad as that may be, every fan and sportsperson knows that it’s a small price to pay for everyone’s safety. We’ll just have to cheer even louder in front of the internet or the TV, so that from every home a cry rises up to fill the void on the stands and reach the hearts of the players, spurring them on to give more than 100%.

As every year, for this 2020-2021 season, IBSA is playing an active part in this showcase of athletic gestures, values and solidarity. This is why we’ve renewed all the partnerships we had in place last year. The IBSA logo will once again be on the Sampdoria shirt this year (crowned ‘the most beautiful shirt in the world’ by the well-known international broadcaster ESPN) and on the orange-green one of Venezia Football Club, Basketball League A will still be able to count on IBSA’s partnership and Le Zebre di Parma rugby team will be back running with the support of our company, as always.

All of IBSA’s people firmly believe that the values represented by sport perfectly fit in with the sense of belonging to our IBSA community. There can be no well-being without solidarity, there can be no progress without sacrifice, there can be no improvement without practice and research, and there can be no growth without investment. This is what it means for IBSA to be an active part of the world of sport: putting its values into practice, to make them more and more concrete each and every day.