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IBSA improves known therapeutic solutions in a simpler and more advanced treatment tool

For IBSA, innovating means using specific methodologies to optimise the bioavailability of commonly used active ingredients, focusing attention on more functional delivery systems that are relevant to people’s real needs, in order to improve their compliance and quality of life.

IBSA is a Swiss pharmaceutical company that develops and produces some of its products in Italy”, explains Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of the company’s Italian arm, the largest in the group, with two plants, 575 employees and a high-level commitment in 12 therapeutic areas. “Our specific strategic choice has always been to make innovative products, developed using the latest technologies and with particular attention to environmental sustainability. We control internally all the phases related to the production process: from the choice of raw material to the finished product, right up to monitoring that extends throughout the products validity period.”

It is precisely on the Made in Italy concept that most of the company’s commercial success is based. The tricolour brand is recognised worldwide as synonymous with quality, caring for people, safety and attention to detail.

With this in mind, IBSA has developed a line of products dedicated to the treatment of diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system, enhancing technologies made and patented in Italy. Specifically, it applies innovative methods for transdermal medicated patches (Hydrogel and drug-in-adhesive), soft capsules (PEARLtec technology) and BoV gels and creams.

IBSA’s technological know-how and production capacity makes it one of the largest global manufacturers of transdermal patches. Its single layer transdermal patch, made with patented Hydrogel technology, comprises an adhesive matrix containing the main active ingredient, a single support layer and a single protective layer that is removed before application;

Flector patch with Hydrogel technology

The company is also a leader in the production of soft capsules, with its exclusive PEARLtec technology used for the formation of softgels, allowing an oily solution and a watery suspension to be incorporated in a gelatine capsule. This formulation solves the issues related to the poor solubility of active substances in oily form and substances in solid form that are poorly soluble in water and/or poorly absorbable, improving the oral intake of the active ingredient and patient compliance.

FlectorGo soft capsule with PEARLtec

For osteo-articular pain and inflammatory states, IBSA provides a gel containing diclofenac, formulated with epolamine and lecithin, carriers that promote rapid and deep penetration of the active ingredient. The effectiveness of the gel formulations is combined with the advantages of the container made using Bag-on-Valve technology. An ‘airless’ pressurised bottle protects the product from contact with oxygen, thus allowing less use of preservatives, greater convenience of use and the almost total emptying of the package, in addition to the great care that IBSA takes when it comes to the environment: the BoV does not use any flammable gas for drug delivery

FlectorARtro Airless technology

Through technological innovation, quality and sustainability, IBSA offers effective, reliable and beneficial solutions responding to people’s real needs”, concludes Luca Crippa.