Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA launches the first VITAMIN D3 food supplement with IBSA FilmTec™ technology

Using the new IBSA FilmTec™ technology, IBSA has developed the first Vitamin D3 supplement in orodispersible film (ODF), an innovative formulation that represents the new frontier of pharmaceutical innovation in the field of oral administration of drugs and food supplements. This new formulation consists of an ultra-thin strip (50-150 µm thick) which, dissolves in a few seconds when placed in the mouth, providing rapid bioavailability of the active ingredient.

With this new food supplement, IBSA is able to respond to a care need that has rapidly grown during the recent pandemic. People who are unable to spend long periods of time outdoors and expose themselves to sunlight are not able to physiologically synthesise Vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, helping to keep our bones healthy and supporting the normal function of the immune system.

As the basis for its patented technology for the production of food supplements in orodispersible films, IBSA uses the safe and proven ingredient, maltodextrin food additives, as water-soluble polymers. The new Vitamin D3 supplement, which is extremely user-friendly, is suitable for people of all ages and is also an excellent solution for those who have difficulty swallowing and taking the usual oral forms with water.

The product is entirely “Made in Italy”: “The formulation of the oral film vitamin D3 supplement is the result of work by the Italian Research & Development team and the two proprietary patents for the FilmTec™ technology are also Italian. This technology makes it possible to produce films with better stability and physical resistance that are able to contain a relatively high amount of active ingredient, while still dissolving rapidly.” says Andrea Giori, Head of Research & Development at IBSA Farmaceutici.