IBSA and the young students of Politecnico di Milano focus on innovation

The co-design workshop for designing a consumer product’s digital identity, promoted by IBSA and organised in partnership with Twig for the students of the master’s degree in Digital Strategy at Politecnico di Milano, has now come to an end. The project was designed to bring together the real market, its transformative dynamics and the skills associated with the new professions, of which the Design School is currently a leading advocate.

“The theme of synergy between the labour market and universities is very important for the younger generation. For me, the ‘Designing the Digital Identity’ workshop was a direct experience and a genuine exchange between our business world and the University,” comments Marco Farci, Business Development Specialist at IBSA Farmaceutici.

Six of the best students were tasked with developing a new visual identity for a cosmetic product, based on analysis of data from marketing campaigns. The workshop constitutes an innovative approach that allowed new dynamics and processes to be tested. The mindset of the new digital professions and the lateral thinking typical of design culture met the needs of our company, which has always been strongly committed to innovation.

“All the projects presented by the students were very interesting and each featured distinctive, valuable elements. It will be exciting to see how the market responds and which product will be the most popular,” said Gabriele Gatta, Digital Marketing Specialist at IBSA Farmaceutici.

IBSA promotes co-design workshop with Politecnico di Milano