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IBSA Derma Virtual Congress, First Edition

The first edition of the innovative online conference dedicated to derma aesthetics gets underway

Global lockdown has caused a general rethinking of traditional training, communication and learning methods. IBSA's first thought was therefore to combine a digital experience with a face-to-face experience, bringing this conference to the entire sector in the hope that best practice and innovation in the care of people might emerge from the event.

Offering physicians increasingly up-to-date learning tools and methodologies has always been a priority for IBSA and even more so today, in the current international situation that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to travel even just to attend a refresher event.

That is why IBSA DERMA has launched this first virtual conference in IBSA world: an innovative online space exclusively reserved for doctors, with in-depth coverage of a whole host of topics. From anatomy to innovative derma aesthetics techniques, from vertical seminars dedicated to hyaluronic acid to those on individual products and approaches. The platform is also personalised and customisable in order to give users a real conference experience. This environment is, in short, entirely dedicated to the world of medicine and professionals in the sector. Each user can create their own avatar and take part in events, as well as having all the experiences of a real conference environment: the stands, meeting rooms, auditorium for live reports and press room have all been transferred over to the digital environment, paying particular attention to building a constant dialogue between all event participants.

This key event dedicated to doctors is set to take place from 12 to 15 June 2020. The focus of the virtual congress is definitely the contribution of international speakers Dr Beatriz Molina and Dr Riccardo Forte on the innovative MYVolution approach, which addresses the new needs of patients in the digital age.

The presentation of the new  platform dedicated to medical staff is also part of the virtual congress programme.  This support tool is part of IBSA DERMA's training plan for physicians who decide to use IBSA products in their clinical practice. It also contains in-depth information on anatomy, techniques, hyaluronic acid, products and clinical trials.