Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA and I Bambini Delle Fate: supporting disability together since 2014

Caring for people and their well-being is at the heart of everything that IBSA does and is the cornerstone of social responsibility projects through which the company is committed to restoring value to people in the region it calls home.

Over the years, the company has fostered numerous collaborations and projects for the benefit of the region, including its partnership with I Bambini delle Fate (Fairy Children), a social enterprise that provides financial support to projects for families with children and young people suffering from autism and other disabilities. This initiative is particularly close to our hearts due to its aims and is in line with the commitment to support parenting that IBSA has placed at the core of its CSR activities.

This collaboration with I Bambini delle Fate, born in 2014, takes the form of contributing to the project “Aiuta ad aiutare la Fondazione Danelli” (Help the Danelli Foundation to help) in the region of Lodi. The goal is to support the Foundation in its efforts to help parents to know more about and accept their child’s disability, acquire tools and skills to become more effective in managing their child, as well as protecting the psychological and physical well-being of families. Through the inclusion pathways fostered, parents can meet and get to know people with whom they can build associations or support groups for other families, thus fostering a virtuous cycle of social support.

"Collaboration, support for inclusion and family well-being are the key words of the partnership with I Bambini delle Fate, which we have been proud to support for over 7 years now and which we want to continue to grow in the future" says Patrizia Puppi, Corporate Communication & CSR Manager of IBSA Italia.

During this sensitive period, IBSA has kept its commitment and its openness to people, even the most fragile ones, by supporting Social Responsibility (CSR) projects with a new responsiveness and an open attitude towards wider collaboration and involvement.

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