Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA Foundation supports "Cultura e Salute. Connected to shorten distances"

The uniqueness and vastness of the pandemic crisis still underway have highlighted the crucial role played by Culture in supporting people and communities, both emotionally and psychologically. Culture has been a vital resource for individual and collective health and wellbeing, even during lockdown. Without the wealth of culture available to uplift us in our homes through digital and traditional channels during months of lockdown, the psychological and social cohesion toll would have been much higher.

For the first time in history, all the major cultural venues - museums, theatres, libraries and cinemas - were closed the world over and culture was faced with two challenges: on the one hand, coming up with new models and formats; and on the other, tackling new forms of production and indirect participation.

The exponential growth of the digital culture available, keeping relationships with the public alive, has been crucial. The numerous initiatives promoted have accelerated the process of digital innovation, which, was already starting to take place at various levels in the cultural sector.

One tangible testimony to this great vitality is the strategic alliance between the IBSA Foundation and the Cultural Division of the City of Lugano.

In a context that has imposed strict limits on social interaction, the methods of artistic production have also changed. Having to confront the effects of an unprecedented event has led artists to address complex issues such as pain, absence, a sense of limitation, fragility, loneliness, frustration and helplessness. At the same time, the fear of infection and the measures to contain the virus have led to a change in public consumption habits. This has had and continues to have major repercussions on people’s cultural life, in terms of trust, interest and availability.

With the aim of discussing and analysing the lessons learnt from the emergency, as part of the Cultura e Salute project partnership, the event ‘Cultura e Salute. Connected to shorten distances’ was organised, featuring major international guests:

  • Anne Torreggiani, Chief Executive of The Audience Agency and Co-Director of The Centre for Cultural Value;
  • Philippe Bischof, Director of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia;
  • Philippe Kern, Founder and Managing Director of KEA European Affairs.

With the valuable contribution of Catterina Seia, Vice President of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation, Founder of the Cultural Welfare Center and Member of the IBSA Foundation Advisory Board.

The debate will be coordinated by Luigi Di Corato, Director of the Cultural Division of the City of Lugano, and Silvia Misiti, Director of IBSA Foundation, promoters of the multi-year ‘Cultura e Salute’ project.

Fondazione IBSA promuove Cultura e Salute