Corporate Social Responsibility

Until they can stop wearing them, we’ll make sure that they at least don’t hurt

Each of us wears on our faces the imprints of our experiences and all the emotions that come with them: joy, pain, wellness, tiredness, satisfaction, suffering. We try to make the good ones last as long as possible and erase the bad ones in the blink of an eye because, by erasing the imprint, it’s as if we can make the memory of what caused it disappear too.

At the current time, we have all learnt to recognise and respect the imprints on the faces of those around us: the red marks of those who wear a face mask for 18, 24 and even 36 hours in a row. Imprints on the noses, chins and cheeks of doctors, nurses, paramedics, drivers, porters, auxiliary personnel, volunteers, pharmacists; people who have been on the front line for days, weeks and months.

People who are doing what needs to be done right to the end, always going one step further than their professional duty from the first to the last hour of a shift that is not a shift, but a Mission!

The people who have those imprints on their faces are usually not quitters. Regardless of the pain of putting a mask back on their already reddened skin, they go on. No matter how great the temptation to scratch, how burning the desire to rip that thing off their face and go home, they go on.

That is why IBSA has donated more than 12,000 packs of hyaluronic cream indicated for the treatment of abrasive dermopathies and abrasions of chemical-physical origin from masks, gloves and sanitizers, to be used by hospital staff and made available to all those who put a face mask on at dawn and take it off only when they are exhausted.

“We’ve made this donation to help those who need to wear face masks for longer than others and for the benefit of all, soothing the pain and imprints on their face so that when they put their masks back on, they least don’t hurt”, says Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director at IBSA Farmaceutici.