Business Development: the team helping IBSA to grow around the world

The Business Development Department, born out of a desire to make the most of the potential of IBSA’s technologies and products, recently celebrated its first birthday.

According to Massimiliano Licenziati, Head of National Business Development, “The first year of work has allowed us to lay the foundations on which to build and develop the business. The companies we have been in touch with have shown an appreciation for and interest in our products and our technologies. Our innovative orodispersible film has attracted particular attention”.

Thanks to its established international experience, industrial capacity and proprietary technologies, IBSA Italia is today able to present itself as an excellent partner for the development of innovation processes, offering a complete service from concept development to scientific and regulatory support, up to large-scale production for European and non-European markets.

The Italian Business Development team works alongside the parent company with the shared goal of finding new market opportunities and thus developing the international turnover of IBSA’s product portfolio. The Italian team focuses particularly on OTC supplements and products, leveraging the cutting-edge technologies used in the Lodi and Cassina de’ Pecchi plants, such as orodispersible film, soft capsules, bag-on-valve and transdermal medicated patches based on drug-in-adhesive technology.

To promote turnover growth, the Business Development Team mainly works in two ways: looking for opportunities for new marketing agreements for IBSA products in countries in which the Group does not yet have a presence and identifying customers interested in using IBSA technologies to make their own products.

The Italian team is made up of eight professionals who draw on many years of experience gained in various business sectors: Massimiliano Licenziati, Massimo Quattrini with his team comprising Beatrice Pisano, Marco Farci, Tiziana Carimati, Marta Cicognani, Antonella Comini and Bruna Dugnani.

We are at the start of a long journey that is beginning to bear fruit and that will help to strengthen not only IBSA’s presence, but also its image, in an international context”, concludes Massimiliano Licenziati.

IBSA Business Development team grow around the world

From left to right: Beatrice Pisano*, Marco Falso, Andrea Giori, Giorgio Pisani, Massimiliano Licenziati*, Massimo Qattrini*, Antonella Comini*.

*Business Development team