AboutPharma interviews IBSA: product innovation inspired by patient needs

IBSA invents, innovates and manufactures on a large scale drugs, devices, food supplements and formulations for aesthetic medicine. It also sells its products in 80 countries around the world. It does this by combining ingenuity, curiosity, research, organisation, quality care and attention to people.

According to Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici, “Our propensity is to transform a therapeutic solution with known properties into a simpler and more advanced treatment tool that meets the needs of people and not just diseases, while maintaining an artisan outlook to improving the molecule itself, both in terms of delivery and absorption.”

AboutPharma interviews IBSA

From the left: Francesco Sturniolo; Tania Pirazzini; Giuseppe Celiberti; Paola Emaldi; Antonella Mamoli; Giovanni Lembo; Patrizia Puppi; Luca Crippa; Tiziana Morelli; Andrea Giori; Anna Vita Mancarelli; Mariassunta Fiori; Massimiliano Licenziati; Roberto Maglio; Daria Catellani

IBSA has achieved important know-how in molecule engineering, thanks to the intuitions of its founder, Dr Arturo Licenziati, supported by a Research and Development Team that is the flagship of the company. “Our technicians don’t just manufacture products, but they’re also inventing new solutions all the time.” There are many ways to perfect a drug that are not just linked to the proprietary technologies for which IBSA is famous, but also to the company’s ability to reformulate molecules already established on the market, thanks to collaborations with Italian universities.

The constant drive for innovation is reflected in 65 patents, some in the areas of bio-fermentative production of hyaluronic acid and other biological materials developed by non-engineered microorganisms. A new, more concentrated hyaluronic acid will be launched in the near future and a series of new soft-capsule drugs are at an advanced stage of development. Innovations are also coming in the field of food supplements, in which IBSA has recently launched a vitamin D3-based product in orodispersible film, representing an innovation and an improvement in the field of oral administration of active ingredients. A Made in Italy innovation, protected by two international patents and developed with the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Milan.

Group spirit and shared values are at the heart of all IBSA’s business activities and the company has a “strong human dimension”, Luca Crippa points out. Our founder has a special fondness for employees and attaches importance to company profits to the extent that they serve to look after the wellbeing of employees and their families.