Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA and the project Parole Fertili at the Festival Della Crescita

The evolution of the concept of parenthood, the importance of protecting fertility as a precious asset to be nurtured and the support to be given to couples facing the often difficult path of medically assisted procreation were the topics that characterised the debate which saw the participation of Silvia Misiti, Head of Corporate Communication & CSR at IBSA, Cristina Cenci, anthropologist and Senior Partner at Eikon Strategic Consulting, and Rossella Nappi, Full Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Pavia.

The stimulating debate took place on Saturday, 19th October, in Milan during the Festival della Crescita (Growth Festival). To find out more, watch the video with the full debate on our YouTube channel. #IBSAItalia #ParoleFertili #FestivalDellaCrescita