Corporate Social Responsibility

In Lodi to say NO TO BULLYING together with the Einaudi Institute and ‘Il Magnete’

Music has been a constant presence throughout human history: it unites people, elicits emotions, and allows people to reflect, to celebrate, to take a position, and to launch a strong message like saying no to bullying and vandalism. This is the meaning of the evening organised on 12th October: together with the boys and girls of the Einaudi Institute and the members of ‘Il Magnete,’ we all said #NOBULLISMO, no to bullying. And rock, pop, and eclectic music played the starring role. It was composed at a time of great social ferment, the 1960s. It was played by Let It Beatles, a cover band that brought the over 500 guests at the BPL Auditurium in Lodi back to the days of the Fab Four.

We are proud to have contributed to the event, to have joined our voice in the choir, to have been at the side of these people and to continue to support them in all their projects against bullying and vandalism in schools in Lodi. We hope someday you will join us!