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IBSA at the AME conference: innovation at the service of endocrinology

IBSA congresso AME

For the treatment of hypothyroidism, patients prefer to take levothyroxine with innovative formulations compared to traditional tablets. This is what emerged from a session entitled ‘Studio ETA sulla terapia sostitutiva dell'ipotiroidismo: come si comporta l’Italia’ (ETA study on replacement therapy for hypothyroidism: how Italy behaves), held by Dr R. Negro during the recent Congresso dei Medici Endocrinologi endocrinologists’ conference held in Rome from 7 to 10 November. IBSA is at the forefront in this field and is in fact the first company to have marketed this active ingredient in liquid form and in soft-gel capsules.

But the innovation does not end there: in the second symposium on the main theme of erectile dysfunction, held by Dr Castello and Dr Giagulli, it was stressed that the new ODF formulation of sildenafil is a plus for patients, both in terms of its ease of use and its innovative formulation, which is different from a tablet.

IBSA was present throughout the conference with a stand dedicated to endocrinology, infertility and urology products. It also offered a space to the Meteda company for the presentation of the endocrinological chart already existing in many diabetology departments, extended also to patients with thyroid problems.