Sport and medicine: risk prevention and attention to well-being

Sport and medicine have always been partners: athletes are in fact among the most affected by osteoarticular pathologies and are often victims of trauma or injuries. It is one of the professional risks that IBSA Italy is committed to defeating on a daily basis, working closely with athletes involved in various sports, including football, rugby, and tennis, which are often linked to the risk of trauma and erosion of the joints. Professionals and amateurs alike are the victims. IBSA addresses both categories with the same commitment, developing pharmaceuticals of proven efficacy at affordable prices, in full respect of the company's values and attention to well-being.

But there is also another area where sport and medicine go hand in hand and that is the real business. Sports sponsorships are in fact one of the channels used by pharmaceutical brands to make themselves known to people and to explain the risks associated with sports and the need to practice every discipline under medical supervision. The contribution of pharmaceutical companies to the science of risk prevention and nutrition of athletes, two very important aspects often underestimated especially by amateurs, are also important.

The sponsorship of the Sampdoria Football Club and the Zebre Rugby Club and the presence at the BNL international tennis tournament in Rome fully capture IBSA’s commitment to the management and treatment of sports traumas and osteoarticular pathologies and its attention to the health of athletes.