Awareness campaign

Ticket to love: sexual satisfaction is the result of shared pleasure

What does it mean to have a satisfying sex life? “It’s the state where, in a couple’s dimension, one’s pleasure bounces off the other and comes back amplified.” Word of Prof. Emmanuele A. Jannini, andrologist and professor of Endocrinology and Medical Sexology at Tor Vergata University of Rome. On World Sexual Health Day, data from the GFK research conducted as part of the Ticket to Love campaign and promoted by IBSA Farmaceutici Italy were released.

The study revealed some rather interesting data. For example, sexual failure is a sore point for Italian males. About 51% of respondents said they experienced it at least once in their lifetime. For 13%, this problem actually occurs intermittently or chronically. The issue mainly concerns young people between 35 and 44 years of age. And that’s not all: during the presentation Jannini explained the four ‘places’ of sexual health: the kitchen, the gym, night clubs and, why not, the doctor’s office.