Interview with Luca Crippa on ADNKRONOS

To promote quality of life, to innovate, to grow together with its employees and its community, to employ over 570 families even in a time of crisis, to pay the utmost attention to the environment, and to pursue sustainable development through Corporate Social Responsibility: these are the pillars on which IBSA founds its work, as explained by Luca Crippa, CEO and Managing Director of IBSA Italy, to Adnkronos.

The ultimate goal indicated by Luca Crippa is rather simple: being part of IBSA means to share the ideal of putting the individual at the centre of every action, relationship and project. Parole Fertili is an example of this. It is a digital storytelling platform that collects the stories of those who have undertaken an often difficult path towards motherhood that does not always have a happy ending.