2020-22: IBSA Italy continues to grow

A very positive triennium, with a constant growth trend: between 2020 and 2022, IBSA Italy saw its turnover and its human resources increase by 59.4% and 16.5%, respectively. Also, the investment in the Lodi district, to expand the area of ​​the company headquarters, reached 15 million, with additional further investments in the production sites of Lodi and Cassina De’ Pecchi.

Despite the strong post-pandemic crisis of recent years, IBSA has found the key to evolve, while establishing itself nationally and internationally as one of the Italian excellences in the pharmaceutical field, thanks to innovation and to the company’s scientific and technological know-how.




"IBSA Italy is a company that has found the key to evolve and that, thanks to innovation and to its scientific and thecnological know how, has been able to estabilish itself nationally and internationally as one of the italian excellences in the pharmaceutical field" - stated Federico Mautone, Chief Executive Officer of IBSA Italy. We will continue to invest and innovate for the development of cutting-edge technologies, using the abundant Italian expertise and competence for the benefit of the entire Group”.

Cutting-edge production and innovation, attention to people, sustainability: these were the cornerstones of a growth that has led IBSA Italy to reach today a turnover of € 305,978,405 and a company population of 593. A growth that made it necessary to implement a large investment plan – currently equal to € 15 million – to redevelop and expand the Lodi corporate headquarters, in order to support development in terms of both infrastructure and human resources.

Being present at local level, relying on the strength of our People and on our great ability to read the needs of the market, listening to the needs of patients: these have been and continue to be our winning assets. This strategy has rewarded us, and allowed us to achieve a double-digit growth over the last three years, consolidating our position as a leading scientific and economic reality in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as a catalyst of excellence and development for the Lodi area and the entire region”, stated Giuseppe Celiberti, General Manager of IBSA Italy.

For 2023 the Company estimated an even stronger growth, due to the new and major launches, which on the one hand will reinforce the product portfolio in all therapeutic areas, and on the other will ensure a leading position in the reference markets.

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