Corporate Social Responsibility

The fight against health poverty: IBSA supports the Giornata di Raccolta del Farmaco 2022

Developing effective therapeutic solutions is the first step towards the well-being of people, who should then have access to such treatments. Unfortunately, those who should benefit from drugs often live in difficult financial conditions, and go so far as to forgo medical expenses. 
In a situation made even more critical by the pandemic, IBSA supports once more the GRF – Giornata di Raccolta del Farmaco (“Drugs Collection Day”) 2022. 
From 8 to 14 February, in the 5,000 participating pharmacies throughout Italy, it will be possible to donate drugs, which will then be delivered to over 1,800 charities that will thus be able to offer free treatments and medicines to the poor. 
IBSA Farmaceutici, together with Banco Farmaceutico, has been taking on the problem of health poverty for years, coming into action to help the people living in health poverty increased, from 2020 to 2021, the number of by 37%. 

Born in 2013, the collaboration between IBSA and Banco Farmaceutico brings together two realities that place the Person at the centre of their activities.
Having the Person at the centre means taking concrete actions, that can restore a “hope for care” for many people in need. 
For the 600,000 people living in health poverty, the GRF aims at being an opportunity to turn once again the spotlight on a crisis situation that should not be overlooked. The initiative is possible thanks to the support of over 17,000 pharmacists – owners and employees alike – who, in addition to hosting the GRF, support it with donations. Also this year, the initiative will be supported by 20,000 volunteers, in compliance with the COVID-19 rules, in order to protect everyone’s health.