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IBSA Farmaceutici introduces "Leaftech", the new thermal effect cream with a digital identity

IBSA Farmaceutici opens the Italian production chain and launches “Leaftech” on the market, a thermal effect cream specific for relieving muscles after prolonged efforts and propaedeutic for all kinds of sport activity. 

Promoted by IBSA Digital Lab - the digital accelerator that leverages on the potential of the Internet to understand people's needs and develop new products and innovative solutions - the rapidly absorbable cream contains camphor, eucalyptus, natural menthol and methyl salicylate, as well as boasting a unique and cutting-edge digital identity. 

Indeed, thanks to the workshop "Designing the Digital Identity", carried out in partnership with the communication agency Twig, Politecnico di Milano and the Master in "Digital Strategy" of POLI.Design, IBSA has experimented an innovative marketing strategy with the support of students and digital collaborators.

The work was led by the IBSA Farmaceutici’s team, but also benefited from the participation of Gabriele Gatta - Digital Marketing Specialist, and Marco Farci - Business Development Specialist and Christian Crisciullo - Business Analyst. The opportunity was offered to university students, who were prompted to build the product’s visual identity and elaborate an innovative digital launch plan that would perfectly integrate with the necessities of the real market and its transformative nature.

"Working on an innovative project like "Leaftech" in synergy with university students is a constructive experience, which allows the development of a new strategic approach, favors the encounter of the professional and academic worlds and finally shapes a new way of working and producing at IBSA" says Gabriele Gatta - Digital Marketing Specialist. “New generations are extremely digital and have a great desire to put themselves to the test. They have many ideas which, if concretized and developed in the right way, give life to interesting and winning projects. Leaftech is certainly the proof".

The Leafteach lotion, available on the market, enriches the diversified portfolio of IBSA Farmaceutici, which covers 10 therapeutic areas and includes drugs, medical devices, food supplements and health products sold in more than 80 countries around the world.

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