Corporate Social Responsibility

IBSA’s 3rd Sustainability Report confirms the Company’s commitment to the well-being of the Person and the community

Inspired by the global objectives set by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, and with a view to continuing to implement a path which it has already taken, IBSA confirms its commitment to the sustainable transformation of the Company, and publishes its 3rd Sustainability Report. 
In the document, IBSA sets down in black and white the objectives, performances and activities relating to the peculiar aspects of an environmental, economic and social sustainability. 
Started in 2015, the path continues with a constant commitment, aimed at maximizing the positive effects that restore well-being to the community, operating responsibly in order to generate economic value, giving the same degree of priority both to the promotion of social progress and to the preservation of the environmental resources. 

In view of a significant growth in industrial production, from 2018 to date the consumption of natural resources has decreased, with a water conservation of 7% and a reduction in the use of fuel oil and natural gas by 17% and 1%, respectively. The transition towards non-fossil fuels is accelerating, and the renewable component in the energy mix supplied by our industrial partners has significantly increased. 
Another important step in the field of environmental sustainability is the inauguration of COSMOS, the production plant included in the larger project of CorPharma, the new industrial district of Pian Scairolo in Lugano, built in compliance with the highest standards of technological innovation and sustainability – with particular attention to design, materials, external and working environments – that take also into account the biodiversity of natural spaces, and with facilities dedicated to recreational and educational activities. 

In line with its mission, which sees IBSA operating by always placing the Person (patients, associates and the whole community) at the center, and in accordance with Goals 3 and 4 of the 2030 Agenda for Good Health and Quality Education, IBSA promotes an open and inclusive work environment, while standing out for its contribution to the promotion of culture and education to concretely improve people’s quality of life, going far beyond the mere treatment.   
From 2018 to 2020, the Group recorded a 15.8% increase in its workforce, also accompanied by the achievement of an almost total gender equality (men 52%, women 48%), with a significant female presence also in top management roles: 43% of the managers or department heads are in fact women.
With the numerous activities implemented by the IBSA Foundation for scientific research, the Company not only offers funding and scholarships in the medical-scientific field, but also helps promote the dialogue between humanistic and scientific knowledge, with approaches that involve the community at all levels, from the institutional world to schools, and with creative and innovative languages, designed to train new generations and inspire their growth paths. 

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