The leadership of IBSA Farmaceutici is being updated: a new organisational structure to continue to grow in the name of innovation

Keep growing along the path of development and innovation already undertaken in recent years, and reinforce the integration with the Lugano Headquarters: with these goals, IBSA Farmaceutici changes its face and presents its new leadership, who will give a new boost both to business and the evolution of the company: Massimiliano Licenziati and Federico Mautone are the new President and the new CEO, respectively, while Giuseppe Celiberti assumes the role of General Manager.

Over the last 5 years, IBSA Farmaceutici has quintupled its turnover, thanks to the excellent work carried out by the previous CEO & Managing Director, Luca Crippa. The new organisational layout and the new role assignments aim to keep up and consolidate the growth of the Italian subsidiary, while continuing to invest and innovate for the launch of new products and the development of cutting-edge technologies”, stated Massimiliano Licenziati upon taking on the role of new President of IBSA Farmaceutici.

IBSA Farmaceutici – the largest subsidiary of the Group – is a leading company in the Italian pharmaceutical scene, also for the quality of its research, as well as for its ability to innovate in the field of pharmaceutical technology. For these reasons, the company can give a great contribution also to the growth of the entire IBSA Group, and it is precisely following this rationale that the new corporate organisation was designed.

The challenge we are taking up for the near future is to bring IBSA Farmaceutici to be more integrated and interconnected with the Lugano Headquarters”, affirmed Federico Mautone, Chief Executive Officer of IBSA Farmaceutici. “The year 2023 will be dedicated to facilitating this transformation, with the aim of working more within a Group perspective, where Italian skills and know-how become an important added value for the entire organisation on a global level”.

Thus, a new chapter opens in the history of IBSA Farmaceutici, which can look to the future with confidence.

The growth we experienced over the past few years confirms the effectiveness of the choices made; we also know that we are on the right track to develop our potential even more fully and completely. For this reason, on the one hand, we will go on in the name of continuity and, on the other, we will try to seize the further opportunities offered to us by the market”, added Giuseppe Celiberti, General Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici.



Born in Rome in 1970, Massimiliano Licenziati obtained a degree in Pharmacy and subsequently a Masters in Applied Pharmacology at the Sapienza University of Rome. After qualifying as a pharmacist, he completed the Masters in Business Administration and Management at the Bocconi University in Milan. In 2009, he joined IBSA Farmaceutici as Medical Scientific Liaison, to then cover, over time, roles and assignments of increasingly greater responsibility, becoming Head of Business Development in 2017. In 2021, he assumed the role of President of IBSA Pharma Sas, the French subsidiary of the Group, a role that he will continue to carry out in parallel with the office of President of IBSA Farmaceutici.


Born in 1988, Federico Mautone obtained the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies with Major in History at the University of Lucerne, followed by the Certificate of Advanced Studies in General Management at the University of Zurich. Mautone started his professional career at the Lugano headquarters of IBSA Institut Biochimique SA: in fact, he joined the company in 2013 and began a path of specialisation in the Human Resources Department, significantly contributing to the growth and development of this Function in the context of the policies concerning the selection, remuneration, recognition of individual performance and career plan management. Since 2019, he has held the role of Project Manager of the corporate transformation programme, which allowed IBSA Group to undertake a profound review of the organisation, reinforce the production network, consolidate key subsidiaries and launch numerous initiatives aimed at increasing performance and efficiency in all business areas. In 2021, he assumed the role of Rewarding & Organisation Manager, a position he continues to hold, together with his new role of Chief Executive Officer of IBSA Farmaceutici.


Born in 1970, Giuseppe Celiberti has a consolidated scientific background: he graduated in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies at the University of Bologna and began his professional career working as a pharmaceutical chemist at the GlaxoSmithKline Research Centre. Before joining IBSA Farmaceutici in 2018, Celiberti worked for Chiesi Farmaceutici, initially as Marketing Manager of the various therapeutic areas, and then as General Manager of Novadynamics Healthcare (the consumer division of the Chiesi group); in 2014 he moved to Medel Italia (Beurer GmbH group) to fill the role of General Manager Italy.

After these experiences, Giuseppe Celiberti held the position of Head of Commercial Department of IBSA Farmaceutici, a role he is still covering on an interim basis, along with his new position of General Manager of the company.