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IBSA Italy with Fedios for World Osteoporosis Day


The 20th October marks World Osteoporosis Day, a disease that affects at least 5 million people in Italy and 200 million worldwide and whose rate of incidence is set to increase in the near future. To celebrate this day, IBSA Italy is working together with Fedios - The Italian Federation of Osteoporosis and Skeleton Diseases, the association that works to guarantee patients continuous support through information campaigns, providing volunteers to hospital facilities and running surveys with the aim of identifying needs, criticalities, and possible good practices to facilitate access to the most appropriate types of treatment.


On this anniversary, Fedios is providing services and initiatives to people with the aim of checking the health of their bones: on 20th and 21st October, a free telephone consultation can be requested with a specialist doctor by calling the freephone number 800 909225; and on 20th October by going to one of the participating clinics listed on,you can get a free osteoporosis risk check.  Fedios is also working in collaboration with IBSA Italy and BoneHealth to launch "èoraD" an innovative awareness campaign dedicated to people on Vitamin D therapy to facilitate therapeutic adherence and optimise treatment efficacy. Read here to find out more. A valuable service designed and implemented specifically respond to patients' needs. The same principle is applied in the development of innovative pharmaceutical forms, such as the new dosage forms of vitamin D in an orodispersible film and in soft capsules, which offer tangible benefits to patients and facilitate adherence to therapy due to greater ease of intake, dosage precision and excellent palatability.