Aree Terapeutiche

Welcome to a new era, thanks to the innovation of FilmTec®

Transforming therapeutic solutions into simpler, more evolved, and equally effective instruments of care. This mindset guides the philosophy underlying research in IBSA Farmaceutici: the company that has made innovation its daily challenge. The capacity for innovation that characterises the company seeks not only to suggest solutions for health but also to provide systems that can integrate these solutions into our everyday lives, returning value to every moment. Thanks to this innovating spirit, starting out from the intuition of facilitating the assumption of certain products, thereby improving compliance, IBSA has today become one of the world’s few pharmaceutical multinationals able to formulate drugs and food supplements in orodispersible film: ultra-slim sheets of polymer materials the size of a stamp, which contain the active ingredient. And indeed, this is the idea behind the latest innovation too: IBSA iron with IBSA FilmTec®. 

This is an innovative, extremely user-friendly formulation that can be used by people of all ages, an excellent solution for those who have difficulty swallowing and taking standard oral forms with water. Thanks to this truly one-of-a-kind technology, we have been able to enclose all the strength of iron in a quick and easy system that is highly bioavailable with a pleasant flavour and perfect for everyone. The added value of FilmTec® lies not only in the ease of assumption but also in its practicality. IBSA iron can be taken everywhere with you, in a wallet, a book, a smartphone case, to make sure that the daily dose of strength is always within reach. 

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