Sport between competition and teamwork: the Responsibility team wins the 1st beach volleyball tournament

The best results are not achieved alone, but when working together as a team.

IBSA Farmaceutici made this awareness its strong point, and it is no coincidence that today the Company is among the sponsors of sports teams of various disciplines, from Sampdoria Calcio to the Zebre Rugby Club to the Serie A Basketball League. And this because sport is a highly effective vehicle for transmitting many of the reference values ​​for the Company, but it is also a tool that first of all reinforces the bonds between people, increases their mutual trust, makes them attuned, thanks to the emotions, efforts and commitment that they experience with their fellows.

With this certainty, sport has become a privileged channel also to increase cohesiveness and harmony within IBSA Farmaceutici, which is in fact committed to promoting an all-corporate competition: a beach volleyball tournament with 4 mixed teams, equipped with official uniforms. Two whole days were dedicated to the initiative in which the components of the four very aggressive teams discarded ties and heels to take on the role of athletes, bringing with them the best sporting spirit, the healthiest competitiveness and a great desire to have fun on the pitch.

And IBSA’s most important values were the background to the competition: Person, Innovation, Quality and Responsibility were indeed the names chosen for the competing teams, to underline that, even in a corporate challenge, the finish line is reached by completing each other as in a relay race, recognising the value of each team member within a team game.

The Responsibility team triumphed in this first edition of the tournament, but the success was everyone’s, both for participation and for the results achieved: enthusiasm, collaboration, greater understanding and harmony in the relationships between colleagues. All factors that will have a positive impact on the daily work. All that remains is to wait for next year for a new exciting challenge!