IMCAS 2022: Luca Crippa among the speakers at the round table, to discuss new trends and future scenarios of aesthetic medicine

A robust know-how applied to hyaluronic acid-based products; the strong and constant drive for innovation; the “patient-centred” approach: these are three key elements that distinguish IBSA in the aesthetic medicine sector, making the company a major player in this field, thanks also to its ability to interpret people’s needs and capture industry trends.

And precisely market trends and possible future scenarios were the subjects of discussion during the June 4 round table of IMCAS 2022, the World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, held in Paris from 3 to 5 June, which was also attended by Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici.

The last decades have been characterised by a growing awareness of oneself and one’s image, with a reassessment of the value of the individual and their sociality. Aesthetic medicine – as an integrated set of aesthetic treatments for the general well-being of the person – aims to respond to these needs, which today are increasingly oriented towards taking care of oneself in a all-inclusive way. Capable to understand this need, IBSA has developed solutions that look at body care in its entirety, with a complete offer that accompanies the patient along their pathway with personalised treatments, albeit considering also the aspects that go beyond clinical treatment.

In fact, the IBSA division dedicated to aesthetic medicine focuses on the psychophysical well-being of the person to enhance their authentic beauty, in order to create the conditions to feel good about oneself. And it does so successfully, thanks to its long-standing expertise and its cutting-edge scientific and technological know-how in the formulation of hyaluronic acid-based products, ideal for the face and body. It is precisely due to this mix of science and expertise that in the field of aesthetic medicine – always in constant evolution and expansion – IBSA can prove itself to be a solid and important player, with a vision always aimed at the future and at the conquest of new markets. Indeed, the company is low looking at countries such as Brazil and India – where it has recently launched the Profhilo range – and Australia, to reinforce its international position, promoting an idea of ​​beauty increasingly deviating from the classic aesthetic canons, to rediscover instead the importance of the authenticity that is in each of us.