Growth, People, Sustainability: Luca Crippa on Pharma Boardroom with the present and future vision of IBSA Farmaceutici

From the organisational structure to the still unexpressed potential of IBSA Farmaceutici, up to the great margin of growth that the company can achieve. An extensive, in-depth interview – full of insights and contents on the company’s present and future vision – was carried out by Pharma Boardroom (an international magazine dedicated to the world of the pharmaceutical industry) with Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici.



The difference between IBSA and other companies lies not only in the completeness of its portfolio of products – consisting of both drugs and medical devices – but also in the know-how and expertise to develop and patent new technologies aimed at supplying natural molecules, such as hyaluronic acid, or already existing active ingredients, such as progesterone, taking them to the next level”.

IBSA was a small laboratory in Lugano that was bought 40 years by an Italian entrepreneur, Dr. Arturo Licenced, sort of Thomas Edison for pharmaceutical chemistry. Thanks to its innovation-based approach, ability to carry out research and development and to produce new administration and release technologies and, above all, the intelligence to “think big”, by touching different therapeutic areas and intercepting the real needs of patients, today IBSA represents a leading international reality.

And many other topics were covered in the article that Pharma Boardroom published on the occasion of the Italy Healthcare & Life Sciences Review 2022, the annual report that the magazine dedicates to the Italian pharmaceutical market and its actors. Among the topics that emerged was the strategic thinking done at a global level to identify the four therapeutic areas on which to focus the efforts for a greater future development: endocrinology, fertility, orthopaedics and aesthetic medicine. All areas already growing and on which IBSA can boast a Made in Italy excellence.

Another important theme that emerged during the interview with Luca Crippa is the expansion of IBSA’s reference markets; indeed, the company aims to go beyond its historical geographical areas, such as Switzerland and Italy – the latter being also home to the largest subsidiary of the Group – and reach the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, where the Group will open subsidiaries in 2022. Other regions of interest are that of Brazil – where the area of ​​aesthetic medicine is already active and managed through distributors – and China, both of which have great potential and can offer excellent opportunities for new partnerships.

The interview did not only address scientific, industrial and commercial development aspects, but also went beyond, touching extremely topical issues, such as the centrality of People, the ability to team up and create a stimulating work environment for one’s own resources – it’s no coincidence that IBSA Farmaceutici is an Italy’s Best Employers-certified company – up to the importance of always attracting and valuing  new talents, the lifeblood for a company that constantly looks to the future. And again, the discussion also addressed the issue of sustainability in its broadest sense, including social and environmental governance, a topic particularly dear to IBSA, which is already committed to supporting responsibility initiatives on many fronts, both through the Group’s Foundations and through projects carried out by IBSA Farmaceutici in Italy.

Luca Crippa gave a broad and detailed picture of what IBSA is today, but above all he allowed us to glimpse a larger picture of a great industrial and human project in constant evolution, increasingly projected towards the future.