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The culture of sustainability in Italy: IBSA participates in the first survey of the ESG Culture LAB with Adnkronos

Confidence, as well as a positive and proactive attitude, are present, but the path to a complete ESG transformation is still long.

This is the picture emerging from the first national survey “The culture of sustainability in Italy, carried out by ESG Culture LAB – the Observatory created by Eikon Strategic Consulting Italia in collaboration with the Adnkronos Group.

Founded to focus attention on the value of human capital within this process of sustainable transition, last November 29 ESG Culture LAB presented a survey which represents a snapshot of the sentiment of the Italian population towards ESG issues: in fact, a representative sample of 1,600 people was involved, aged between 18 and 65, including employees from the companies that have joined the project. Each of them was asked to answer on three specific areas: their propensity towards a sustainable behaviour in their sphere of personal action; their judgment on their company’s commitment to sustainable transformation; and their perception of the role of the country in achieving ESG objectives.

The first significant figure is that 75% of Italians have a proactive and committed attitude towards the objectives of environmental and social sustainability that affect our daily life. The same trend, albeit with a lower percentage (58%), is evident in the judgments of employees within their work. In the assessment of the company’s involvement, a positive perception is confirmed (62%), even if a polarisation emerges between 31% who judge their company “focused” on the objectives and 20% who describe it as “unconcerned”. The data on unconcern also applies to the involvement of the Institutions, considered less virtuous. In general, judgments improve for both companies and for Institutions when it comes to the environment.

Determined to invest in its human capital in order to achieve full and complete sustainability, IBSA Farmaceutici is among the companies participating in the ESG Culture Lab project.

Sustainability is very important for IBSA: it’s the heart of our present, as well as a fundamental pillar on which to build our future”, commented Luca Crippa, CEO & Managing Director of IBSA Farmaceutici, interviewed by Adnkronos during the presentation of the survey. “We have recently inaugurated antares, a great redevelopment project of our headquarters in Lodi, through which we not only expand the spaces, but implement sustainable interventions at an environmental level for the benefit of our collaborators. Sustainability has a triple value for us: sustainability for the company, for the planet and for the community in which we operate”.

The narrative questionnaire also investigated the trend for the future, and the data confirms a positive perception: over a third (39%) of the sample has faith in the future, while few are those who feel passive and fatalistic. “The future does not happen, but is built”: this is the thought of over a third of the participants in the survey, an important message of commitment and confidence that companies and Institutions have a responsibility not to disappoint.

It’s important that the entire country supports the will of companies and people to accelerate the energy and environmental transition”, continued Crippa in his interview with Adnkronos. “All the personal choices and the decisions on future investment that we make as a company shouldn’t be guided by mere convenience, but should be the result of an awareness and a commitment towards a more sustainable future. Everyone can and must contribute to creating a culture of shared and inclusive sustainability, which should also emerge from our daily behaviour.

This first survey expresses an Italy already on its way towards the achievement of a sustainable future.

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