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IBSA launches the new food supplements with the exclusive FilmTec® technology: ultra-thin and innovative

Tiredness, fatigue, difficulty in falling asleep: very common problems that are often indicating a deficit due to reduced intake or increased need of vitamins or nutrients important for the well-being of the body. 

In fact, the synthesis and intake of vitamins and nutrients does not always occur adequately. 
To face the little daily challenges in a simple and innovative way, IBSA developed three new food supplements, with the patented IBSA FilmTec® technology, orodispersible film (ODF): Vitamina B IBSA, which reduces tiredness and fatigue; Vitamina B12 IBSA, which helps the normal energy metabolism; Melatonina IBSA, which facilitates the sleep induction.

Unique and innovative supplements for their technology and characteristics: in fact, the special oral formula in ultra-thin film, can be easily placed on the tongue and it melts in the mouth in few seconds, releasing the active ingredients. 

Nuovi integratori alimentari con tecnologia brevettata IBSA FilmTec®

The supplements in orodispersible film (ODF) can be easily taken anywhere, without water, facilitating the accurate administration of the dose contained, presented in single-dose packages which also ensures a high standard of hygiene. They are easy to take also by people with difficulty in swallowing.   

The new ODF offer has also additional benefits: they are glutenfree, without ogm and lactose. They contain less than 1Kcal and have an aroma which makes the intake pleasant. 
The information on the orodispersible film supplements is available on the dedicated websites:,,