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IBSA Vitamin D3, the dietary supplement in orodispersible film Made in Italy

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), – the supplementation of which can be fundamental for immune system function and bone health, – is now available in IBSA FilmTec™ orodispersible film.

IBSA’s orodispersible film vitamin D3 supplement looks like a thin strip of polymer the size of a stamp that, when it comes into contact with saliva, dissolves in a few seconds, making the product rapidly bioavailable.

Its development was recently described in a paper published in the international scientific journal Molecules, which illustrated for the first time the steps required to take the manufacture of an orodispersible film vitamin D supplement to an industrial scale.

The IBSA Farmaceutici Research & Development group that authored the publication developed an industrial process, the result of a lengthy research project, making it possible to overcome the various critical aspects regarding mechanical properties, such as flexibility and resistance, that are fundamental for continuous manufacture using industrial equipment, whilst simultaneously guaranteeing rapid disintegration, an effective dissolution profile and good stability of the vitamin D3 film.

IBSA Vitamin D3, the dietary supplement in orodispersible film Made in Italy

The team investigated and optimised parameters such as the vitamin D3 preparation’s water content and viscosity, which are important attributes for the transition from the laboratory stage to large-scale manufacture.

"IBSA Vitamin D3 in orodispersible film,” explains Andrea Giori, Head of IBSA Research & Development, “is yet another example of IBSA’s commitment to the research and development of novel technologies able to transform and improve conventional oral delivery systems.”

IBSA Vitamin D3 orodispersible film is therefore a new dosage form that is entirely made in Italy, extremely user-friendly and available in two dosages, 1,000 or 2,000 IU, that can be used by people of all ages and represents an excellent solution even for people suffering from dysphagia or nausea, the elderly, uncooperative patients and those who travel frequently.