The values of sport beyond sport: sharing and teamwork in the spotlight during the meeting between Pope Francis and Sampdoria football team

Being part of a team means enjoying victories together, making them even more amazing, but also rely on your teammates in defeats, during a match and beyond. Working together as a team and learn the importance of sharing are just few examples of the values we can take from sport and that’s what Pope Francis emphasized during the meeting with the players and management of the football club U.C. Sampdoria that was held in the Vatican on February 19th. Those are the values in which even IBSA - partner of the Ligurian team since 2017 – believes, promoting the same team spirit and the desire to be one as a Company.

Solidarity, inclusion, commitment and determination, a sense of belonging, continuous improvement through practice and research: IBSA brings all these principles back into its business and bring them within the communities in which it operates. On this basis, the company has built its relationship with different partners and in particular with the U.C. Sampdoria, an important football club in Serie A, Italy's premier football league competition.

U.C. Sampdoria meeting with Papa Francesco

During the meeting, Pope Francis highlighted two crucial aspects: being part of a team and the importance of amateur sport. In football, anyone can go it alone if wants to reach the goal. The team has to act together and that’s what makes winning even more amazing. The second positive aspect is the role of amateur sport that is the evidence of how people genuinely approach to sport, aimed by a true and strong passion for it and leading to a healthy competition.

Sampdoria football players gifted Pope Francis with their team shirt, branded by IBSA, and customized with “Pope Francis” on the back, and with a commemorative pennant of the meeting. All players greeted the Pope and took a photo all together. Here the video of the meeting.