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Infertility, the new Parole Fertili project kicks off: “Creativity as a resource”

Women who have been diagnosed with infertility and are undergoing medically assisted reproduction (MAR) treatments now have a new resource, the “Parole Fertili: creativity as a resource. Journey into the land of talking masks”, an integrated online drama therapy initiative for 30 women who have undergone MAR. It is absolutely free thanks to the no-strings-attached donation from IBSA Farmaceutici.
The project is the result of the partnership between CDI-NarrAzioni, the integrated drama therapy centre founded by Sandra Pierpaoli, psychologist, psychotherapist and art therapist, DNM, the startup behind PsyDit, a platform for innovative digital psychological support processes, and Rossella Nappi, a professor at the University of Pavia, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, sexologist and fertility centre director.

“We have sponsored this project for five years because it is a new way of talking about fertility and has allowed us to become increasingly closer to people over time,” explained Patrizia Puppi, Corporate Communication & CSR Manager of IBSA Farmaceutici. “We are delighted to contribute to this new integrated drama therapy initiative, as it is another step forward in the long-term and fruitful project on infertility that goes beyond treatment.”

Silvia Misiti, Director of the IBSA Foundation added, “This is perfectly in tune with the Foundation’s strategic project ‘Culture and Health. Alliance for a sustainable future’. In these uncertain and turbulent times, culture and the health humanities remain fundamental opportunities for the deployment of positive resources at the most critical moment.”

Infertilità, al via il nuovo progetto di Parole Fertili: “La creatività come risorsa”

Through the “Parole Fertili: creativity as a resource” project, participants receive psychological support to help them find their own inner resources and support from a group of women who have shared the same experiences and may be a sounding board for the potential that each participant will learn to find within herself. Under the guidance of a team of psychologists, participants meet in three online groups for about two months to share their experiences and difficulties through art, theatre and storytelling.

The Land of Talking Masks is a fairy tale that each participant may develop starting with an outline and embellish with the support of her group by creating and using various masks. This encourages participants to explore, recognise and express the various facets of themselves, both those that are strained by the experience of infertility and those that can provide “care” and “transform” the experience. These facets may be identified and shared metaphorically through dramatization and storytelling.