Aree Terapeutiche

IBSA Farmaceutici: synonymous with innovation

The treatment of pain has been present throughout the history of medicine. This is confirmed by sources dating back 5,000 years, in which reference is made to natural analgesics. This calls for reflection on the fact that human beings have always turned to medicine for solutions for all types of physical pain. This search has never stopped and continues today.

Indeed, pain has a significant impact on society. Over the years, various studies by the scientific community have shown an annual loss of around 500 million working days due to people taking sick leave for different types of muscle and joint pain.

IBSA Farmaceutici, which has always put great emphasis on improving patients’ quality of life, uses its technologies to search for innovative solutions.


Through research and scientific studies, IBSA has developed and launched onto the global market products characterised by a localised and specific approach, such as the medicated patch with Hydrogel technology.

This patch is made up of an adhesive matrix containing the active ingredient, a flexible support layer and a protective layer which is removed prior to application.

Following the same approach, IBSA has developed Moving Free technology for a highly flexible and adherent product allowing the patient to move with total freedom.

The development of these technologies bears witness to IBSA’s constant commitment to finding innovative, Made in Italy solutions designed to progressively improve patients’ quality of life.