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IBSA DERMA presents authentic beauty in the online exhibition ‘Me As A Masterpiece’

Candid shots of four women – “Masterpieces of beauty” - as they are.

The world gives us a stereotypical standard of beauty, and more and more people are striving to meet it, losing sight of themselves in the process. Finding the courage to see one’s natural beauty and be photographed candidly is a meaningful way to express one’s uniqueness. And the four women selected to feature in the online exhibition ‘Me as a Masterpiece’, created by IBSA’s Dermoaesthetic Division, have shown this with aplomb. IBSA Derma has always championed a different approach to aesthetic medicine that celebrates people and embraces a new idea of authentic beauty that comes from within and makes each of us unique.

The exhibition was curated by Debora Barnaba, a photographer of international renown specialising in portraits, who considered hundreds of submissions from around the world, starting with the shots shared on social networks by users asked to show themselves as ‘masterpieces of beauty’.

IBSA DERMA presenta la bellezza autentica nella mostra digitale ‘Me As A Masterpiece’

From hundreds of portraits, I chose the women in whom we could see the desire to find themselves. And we gave them the chance to do so, shooting them as they are, without artifice, bringing out all the spontaneity of their hidden selves”, explained Debora Barnaba.

The four women selected, on which the spotlight is now shining, are all different, each with her own idea of beauty. As they push past the standards and stereotypes often imposed by society, we recognised in these four women - a mother, an artist, a traveller, a curious and confident woman - the desire to find themselves. “I believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and everything that stands out. IBSA Derma has helped me learn something new about myself”, said @butta_rello, one of the women who participated in the shoot, with a keen interest in new trends, travel and different cultures.

“Everyone is a masterpiece.” It is to reinforce this message of authentic beauty that IBSA Derma, bolstered by its expertise in aesthetic medicine and the production of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, has organised an online exhibition of unedited portraits, showing four women in their authentic selves, unposed and without artifice.

You may visit the exhibition on IBSA Derma‘s website and find out what happened backstage on IBSA Derma‘s Instagram page, as the four stars shared a laugh between - and during - shots!