Awareness campaign

BabyHeART: opens digital communication to the public

By means of the BabyHeART campaign, IBSA intends reaching out to all those couples who wish to have a child in order to give them utmost support and guide them along the path to conception. Hence, it has developed various communication tools and targeted services.
At the heart of communication to the public of IBSA's BabyHeART campaign concerning Assisted Reproductive Technology are the new digital, website and social media channels. The new website, developed with IBSA's contribution, addresses all fertility-related topics including medically-assisted reproduction techniques. aims at being a point of reference for couples wanting a child thanks to its clear language and wealth of scientific and authoritative content.
The video on the homepage introduces the theme of parenthood.

A blog addresses various scientific and legislative issues, from fertility to diagnostic tools and reproduction techniques, offering constantly updated news. The Facebook and Instagram pages re-propose and re-launch the contents of the website to reach and involve a social media audience by offering conversation starters.

"We are proud to have contributed to the development of this digital ecosystem, which aims to support couples wishing to have a child and help specialists in their dialogue with patients," says Sharon Gulisano Senior Product Manager – Human Reproduction. A rich and structured editorial plan will contribute to their evolution and to the growth of a participating and active community.

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