Aree Terapeutiche

BabyHeART - Advanced Digital Medicine: Digital Medicine at the service of Assisted Reproductive Technology

The new social health context in which restrictions and social distancing have changed the way doctors and patients relate, has paved the way towards rapid digitization and has brought out needs and opportunities.

In the ART field, the data from a survey* on telemedicine confirm that most doctors are satisfied with the use of telemedicine, and all respondents affirm that a specific app for ART, dedicated to doctor-patient communication, is a very useful tool.

IBSA has seized the opportunity and has promptly invested on DIgital Medicine so to offer an innovative support both to patients who undertake a ART path, and to Centres where this service is offered. 
IBSA launches BabyHeART – Advanced DIgital Medicine, an App developed in collaboration with Advice Pharma, an Italian society that specializes in innovative IT engineering solutions and provides social healthcare services.

The App uses a technology compliant with Data Management regulations, with the aim of guaranteeing doctors and patients the highest standards of security and traceability of data in the long term.

This technology has allowed the integration of the app with Meditex, the solution used internationally for the management of patient medical records, therapies and diagnoses in the context of ART.

BabyHeART APP satisfies the necessity of patients to have an effective communication channel with the medical Centre of reference.

It is very easy to use, as it allows the digital sharing of medical exams and documents, the possibility of teleconsultation, and the option for patients to have their own therapeutic plan directly shown in the App.

Firther, it satisfies the need of the medical Centre to optimize the management and filing of clinical data via certified channels, thus saving resources. 

All this will make it possible to minimize errors in administering drugs, reduce access to the Center and the loss of working days, facilitating the management and path of ART for couples.

“We are delighted to be the first to offer this important support to ART Centers and their patients. We are convinced that this project will mark a turning point in the doctor-patient relationship and will facilitate ART by satisfying of all people involved” - says Sharon Gulisano - Senior Product Manager - Human Reproduction.


*Source: Advice Pharma Survey conducted on clinicians specialized in Assisted Reproductive Thechnolgy (ART) of public and private facilities in 13 regions on the use of Tele-health following the COVID-19 emergency.