IBSA strongly believes in people and their potential, and is committed to placing the individual at the center of all its actions, relationships and projects.
Being part of IBSA means sharing this ideal in order to build solutions together that meet people’s needs effectively, developing talent, motivation, and a spirit of teamwork among all individuals. This approach raises a new awareness and openness to a broader concept of sharing and collaboration.
Our social responsibility projects are based on caring for people and their wellbeing, and reinforce IBSA’s commitment to returning value to both people – employees, patients and their families – and to the regions and communities in which we operate.


The projects pursued by IBSA to support parenting are an example of its goal of making people the focus of all its activities, providing support to women, men and couples facing the difficult task of parenting.
In today’s society, which is continually and rapidly evolving, parenthood is taking a range of new, different forms: new families with children from previous marriages, families with children born through assisted fertilization, de facto couples, single-parent families, mixed families, and families with children adopted nationally and internationally, to name but a few. Even the roles of mother and father can be switched from one parent to the other or there may even be an extended group of people that intervene to “care for” the children.

Parenting is a dynamic process that teaches us how to care for and respond adequately to the needs of others, children in particular, but not exclusively. This journey, in fact, not only concerns the idea of being real parents, but rather it is an autonomous psychological space that is constantly evolving, forming part of the development of each and every one of us.  Caring is one of the stages of human growth, but it is also a mental and relational dimension in which a person's emotional history, ability to experience dynamic relationships, relationships with norms and society, and ability to change and be changed, etc. converge.

Within such a broad definition, caring for someone can also mean relationships other than that of a mother/father and child. In a society where our life expectancy is constantly increasing, there is an ever higher number of children that are being called upon to look after aging parents, no longer able to look after themselves. Hence, children are experiencing a reversal of dynamics and roles that results in them becoming the parents of their own parents. Parenting roles, such as for example, providing emotional support and protection are therefore played by the children themselves: a particularly complex and difficult reversal to actually experience, especially from an emotional point of view.
Parenting is therefore a fundamental stage in everyone’s life, a complex and dynamic web that forms part of our existence.

IBSA carefully observes the multiple implications of parenting and how it affects the different stages of our lives with great interest. For this reason, it promotes projects and supports initiatives – targeted at employees and the communities in which it operates – that make a real contribution towards experiencing parenting during its different stages with awareness and peace of mind, always in respect of specific personal preferences.

Our Projects in the Region

The company promotes the awareness of the subject of parenting by commissioning  prestigious Research Institutes, like CENSIS and GFK, to perform surveys in Switzerland and Italy. The analysis of the results of these surveys enables data to be collected that provides the general public with a comprehensive framework and specialists with valuable detailed information.

Parole Fertili is a digital storytelling project that was set up in 2016 and dedicated to the sharing of people's experiences throughout the course of their journey in search of a child. The platform was designed by the Center for Digital Health Humanities with the unconditional contribution of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia.
Before the arrival of Parole Fertili, there were only two places to talk about fertility on the internet: either the forums, whose content was aimed mainly at requests for help and information or specialist websites on medically assisted procreation.

www.parolefertili.it was new because it brought a completely different narrative to the internet: what it is, in fact, is a platform on which people - men, women and couples - are free to share their experiences without filters and to donate their  stories, even anonymously. The result was explosive and liberating: dozens and dozens of stories with a strong emotional impact were shared, some with a happy ending, some with a less happy ending, and people felt part of a community of parents, and aspiring parents, in which everyone really felt included in each particular personal and emotional situation.
The metaphor of the project was that of giving: the life stories and the emotions of the people sharing their stories and the attention and empathy of the readers who symbolically "adopted" the published stories.

The returning of the gift
By supporting the publication of "Parole Fertili. Viaggio alla ricerca di un figlio" ("Fertile words. Journey on the search for a child") IBSA wanted to give something precious back to all the people, men and women, that donated their story, in the knowledge that the path of Medically Assisted Procreation (MAP) can be dealt with in a more natural and comfortable manner, if experienced and shared with empathy. The project also aimed to be an incentive to promote awareness for those working in the sector, in order to encourage them to act and interact with greater attention to the different personal sensitivities of the couples following this path.

The book, published by Mondadori Electa with the unconditional contribution of IBSA Farmaceutici Italia, consists of more than fifty stories, created to share the most precious thing: the experience and knowledge that MAP is not an easy path, that it can trigger strong emotions and can influence the entire life of a couple, even beyond the search for a child.

IBSA Farmaceutici Italia has been working regularly with the Banco Farmaceutico since 2013, donating a total of 195 thousand packages of medicines, thanks to which the Banco Farmaceutico has been able to help more than 100 associations that offer free social and healthcare assistance to people in need. 
This collaboration has grown over the years, extending also to other activities, such as:

  • supporting the creation of the last two editions (2016 and 2017) of the “Donate to Treat Report: Healthcare poverty and Donation of Medicines”, promoted by the non-profit Banco Farmaceutico Foundation and put together by the Medicine Donation Watchdog (the scientific body of Banco Farmaceutico). This is the most complete document available today on healthcare poverty in Italy, drawn up with the contribution of statisticians, sociologists and pharmacists from the Università Cattolica and the Università degli Studi of Milan.
  • the unconditional contribution to the creation of the study “Poverty, iodine deficiency and thyroid diseases”, conducted by Banco Farmaceutico and Medicine Donation Watchdog. 

Our Support to the Voluntary Sector

For years IBSA Farmaceutici Italia has been working with the social enterprise "I Bambini delle Fate", which provides economic support in social inclusion projects for families with children and young people affected by autism and other disabilities.

More specifically, in the Lodi region, the contribution made by the company goes to support the non-profit Stefano and Angela Danelli Foundation, whose goal is to enhance the protection of the psychophysical wellbeing of families, helping parents to recognise and accept their child's disability, to acquire tools and skills to become more efficient in the everyday management of their child and to deal with adverse events. Through this Foundation, parents can also meet other people and build associations or informal groups to support other families, thus promoting a virtuous circle of social support.

Casa dos Curumins offers dreams and hopes to children and young people living in the Santa Terezinha favela, in the suburbs of Sao Paolo, Brazil. The association was founded In Switzerland in October 2005 with the aim of working with the volunteers of Santa Terezinha, who have been providing social services in this district for many years.

The goal of the initiative is to offer opportunities and practical alternatives to those that have lost all hope and dreams, giving them the possibility to study, providing much-needed food, professional training, healthcare assistance for children, young people and their families, and conveying strong ethical values.