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Therapeutic solution in the best form for patients and doctors

IBSA’s quality is based on that which is better for the patient and therefore the company aims at an excellent standard of production without ever losing sight of people’s health, giving innovative systems to patients and doctors with superior levels of efficacy.
The constant trend of IBSA to develop avantgarde therapeutic solutions is the fruit of an articulate process putting together quality and innovation with progress in healthcare giving patients a richer experience of life.

Quality in IBSA means optimizing all phases involved in the production process from the choice of raw materials and suppliers to verifications on production, from guaranteeing the good status of machinery, to microbiological purity of the work environments from the training of personnel to the quality control of the finished products through constant monitoring of the entire production cycle. IBSA’s experienced team guarantees quality with specific professional skills aim at ensuring efficacy and safety of products both for consumers and patients.

Quality in IBSA is a shared culture.
Our quality system embraces every phase from the concept of the product to post-sales support in order to guarantee traceability. These phases are supported by documentation illustrating activities, validations of the analytical method, production processes so that they are performed in a reproducible and standard manner.

The production site is authorised by AIFA for the pharmaceutical productions already stated and is subject to periodical two-yearly inspection. The site is therefore GMP certified.
The Quality System is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485:2016 (IMQ) standards.
Nutraceutical production is authorised by the Ministry for Health and supervised by the Regional Health Authority