Business Development

Business Development

In order to continue to grow in the international markets and to take advantage of the potential of its innovative technologies, IBSA puts itself forward as a strategic partner for the development and realization of products for third-party brands.
The company can offer a full service, from concept development to scientific and regulatory assistance, up to large-scale production for European and non-EU markets.
IBSA is also constantly looking for opportunities for new licensing agreements in order to expand its own product portfolio, or for collaborating in the consumer health area with established distribution companies in countries where it does not operate directly.

Licensing In & Out

IBSA pays particular attention to:

  • licensing or acquisition opportunities in Italy for expansion of its own product portfolio (ethical drugs, OTCs, medical devices and nutraceuticals);
  • collaboration opportunities in the consumer health area with local recognised companies in countries where IBSA does not have a commercial presence nor the intention

The Licensing & Business Development Department can be the interface for a “complete service” consisting of:

  1. product concept and pre-formulation
  2. formulation and process development
  3. development and validation of the analytical method
  4. pre-clinical investigation
  5. pilot and scale batches
  6. clinical batches
  7. studies and stability test
  8. scientific and regulatory assistance

IBSA provides its partner with a great deal of experience in all product

  1. drugs (OTC, ethical drugs)
  2. medical devices
  3. nutraceuticals
  4. cosmetics


Contract Manufacturing & Contract Development


Thanks to its consolidated experience, its industrial capacity and its proprietary technologies, IBSA Farmaceutici is the ideal partner for innovation and development processes that can provide a complete service, from product concept to large-scale production for European and non-EU markets.