IBSA Farmaceutici

IBSA Farmaceutici

Established in 1992, IBSA Farmaceutici, the Italian affiliate of IBSA Group, which is based in Switzerland, has its headquarters in Lodi, a representative office in Rome and two production sites, one in Lodi and the other in Cassina de’ Pecchi, near Milan.

In recent years IBSA Farmaceutici Italia has grown rapidly, becoming a major economic and scientific company in the Italian pharmaceutical sector. Science, innovation, technology and know-how have always been IBSA’s hallmark and have enabled the company to build a portfolio of unique products over the years (drugs, medical devices and nutraceuticals), based on the improvement of existing technology and molecules that offer great value to doctors and their patients.

Today IBSA’s production lines in Italy, in which the company has invested more than 50 million euros over the years, are state-of-the-art from the perspective of both the technology used and environmental sustainability.
Its Research and Development activities use advanced technology to study innovative methods for administering drugs, such as pre-filled syringes, soft gels (for pharmaceutical and nutritional use), orodispersible films (for drugs and for nutraceutical substances), medicated transdermal patches (hydrogel and drug-in-adhesive) and BOC ointments (Bag-on-Valve), with the aim of offering healthcare professionals new therapeutic solutions that are efficient, reliable and contribute to truly improving patients’ quality of life.

Of particular importance for the development and growth of the company was the acquisition of BOUTY SpA at the end of 2009 and its subsequent merger with IBSA Farmaceutici Italia in 2018, which concluded the organisational integration of the two companies.

Always attentive to innovation in the field of research and development, over the years BOUTY SpA developed high-quality and highly-innovative technology and therapeutic solutions, such as medicated transdermal patches and orodispersible films. The acquisition has enabled IBSA Farmaceutici Italia to expand its know-how, to exploit important production synergies and to reinforce its direct presence in the pharmacy and drugstore channels, thanks to BOUTY SpA’s consolidated distribution network.


Today IBSA Farmaceutici Italia guarantees a wide number of products, ranging from people’s wellbeing to care and prevention, and covers 12 main therapeutic areas: Cardiometabolic, Dermatology, Dermo-aesthetic, Endocrinology, Human Reproduction, Osteoarticular, Pain and Inflammation, Respiratory, Urology, Ophthalmics, Otorhinolaryngology and Consumer Health.

IBSA’s extraordinary growth in Italy over the years has been possible in particular thanks to the commitment of its people: this is why the company takes care of them, promoting motivation and teamwork, and allowing everyone to express their potential to the full and to grow professionally.

IBSA Farmaceutici Italia, as part of the IBSA Group, conducts its business in compliance with the principles set out in the Group Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Guidelines, in the conviction that paying attention to the legality and the principles and values stated therein are essential requirements for Company operations.

Download the Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Guidelines.

IBSA Farmaceutici Italia has also defined its own Organizational, Management and Control Model under Italian Legislative Decree no.231 of June 8, 2001.

The full document can be downloaded here.

Read the information on Transparency here.