In the field of otorhinolaryngology IBSA offers effective and state-of-the-art solutions that contribute to respiratory wellbeing and ear health from the early stages of treatment.

Various studies have shown that hyaluronic acid therapy is useful in the treatment rhinosinusitis, and allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. It is also an innovative aid that contributes to recovery following nasal surgery. IBSA research has therefore led to the development of a hyaluronic acid-based nebulized solution, designed specifically for the topical treatment of the upper respiratory tracts.

Some environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature and humidity, can cause the upper respiratory tract and oral cavity to become inflamed, with symptoms ranging from a burning sensation to a sore throat and difficulty swallowing. Hyaluronic acid can also very helpful in this case.

Ear health can, on the other hand, be challenged with the formation of the so-called earwax “plug”, an often forgotten problem that affects adults and children . The formation of wax is a normal physiological phenomenon and the ear needs a right quantity of wax to lubricate and moisten the ear canal and to prevent harmful particles from entering  it. However, when too much earwax is produced, it tends to become compressed and has difficulty in flowing outside the auricle. The formation of an earwax plug, in general, causes a reduction in the ability to hear but also annoying problems, like irritation, balance impairments, itching, whistling and buzzing. To avoid this problem IBSA has developed  a complete line of products dedicated to cleansing.